Trinity Lay Duties Schedules

Welcome to our new Worship Schedule system!

Since the Schedules tend to be very large, they will open in a new window. When you are done looking, simply close that window. There are several new features:

  • You can click on a department and see only the schedule for that department!
  • You can click on a date and only see the schedule for that date!

Both of these features allow you to print out handy small schedules.

If you are a team or department head, you can request a password that will allow you to edit the online schedule in real time 24 hours a day!

A list of available schedules are below. Click on the one you want to view. 

April, May, June 2018 218

January, February, March 2018 118

November, December 2017 417

August, September, October 317

May, June,July 2017 217

March, April 2017 117

December 2016, January, February 2017 516

September, October, November 2016 416

July and August 2016 316

April, May, June 2016 216

Jan 31, February, March 2016 116