Stewardship at Trinity Episcopal Church

Most people only think of stewardship in relation to the fall pledge campaign. Stewardship, however,  involves many more aspects of church life then this. In fact, stewardship is involved in almost all of the aspects of the church as well as your own life. 

Stewardship, is at it's heart, what are we doing with the gifts God gave us.  Yes, our treasures (money) is part of this, but we each have God given talents which we often take for granted. Some of us sing, some of us are good with our hands, and others are good with their minds. Contributing these gifts is a way of thanking God for the fact that he gave them to us! 

Here is a brochure called the Stewardship of Life which may be helpful reading as well. it is in pdf format. 

The following link gives an overview of what ministries are available at the church. Although many ministries are listed, maybe the one you are interested in does not exist yet. Many of the current ministries got their start because someone saw a need that was not yet filled. Don't be shy. If you would like to start a new ministry please print out the book and fill out the form at the end. We will forward the idea to Fr. Dave and see if their may be an interest in starting something new !

Ministries Book


Trinity also provides a way to fill out your pledge card on line. If you are interested in doing that, click the link to the right. Generally, our pledge campaign is in the fall, but you can fill out a pledge card at any time. This card also allows for those who do not want to make a formal pledge, but would like to have their contributions tracked for tax purposes. It also allows you to chose if you would like contribution envelopes. 

2017 Pledge Card