The Missing Trinity!

Conference Room, Foyer, Office, and Storage

You can click on the picture above for a much larger view of the diagram. 

To get yourself oriented, look at #3. That is the floor of the bell tower. The Narthex is to the right.

1 is, or would have been, the Conference Room! The church building was to be extended to the left, covering where the sidewalk is, and extending onto the side lawn of the Rectory.

2 is a Memorial Garden that was going to be located between the church and the rectory, complete with walkways and some type of centerpiece or fountain. 

3 is the Bell Tower. This is such an interesting area, that I have put additional information and diagrams on their own page which can be found here.  The Bell Tower also served as a hub between the Foyer (to the left), the Office Wing, the Narthex, two storage closets, and a Bathroom Suite!  I say suite because of the enormity of them! Each had their own lounge, and were far more extensive then what we have now. 

4 is the office area. The entire office wing was planned in a different fashion, and included an alternate chapel !