The Missing Trinity!

Guild Hall, Bell Tower, Bathrooms, and Walkway

You can click on the picture above for a much larger view of the diagram. 

To get yourself oriented, look at number; 

1 That is the narthex as originally proposed. It is smaller then our current narthex. To the bottom of the Narthex is the Nave of the church with two rows of pews shown. In the final plan, the Nave was made smaller with less pews and the back wall was brought in increasing the size of the Narthex. One interesting fact is that above part of the Narthex, hidden from view, is a fully finished wood ceiling! 

2 is our current kitchen. Note how there were openings that led into number 3.

3 is the Guild Hall. This structure would have extended from the Narthex back towards the Sexton's Cottage. It included storage room for all tables and chairs.

4 is the Bell Tower. This is such an interesting area, that I have put additional information and diagrams on their own page which can be found here.  The Bell Tower also served as a hub between the Foyer (to the left), the Office Wing, the Narthex, two storage closets, and a Bathroom Suite!  I say suite because of the enormity of them! Each had their own lounge, and were far more extensive then what we have now. 

5 is the covered walkway that leads from the curb to the Foyer.