The Jerusalem Cross

The Jerusalem Cross was first used as a coat of arms for the Latin Kingdom in Jerusalem. During the Crusades, it was referred to as the "Crusaders Cross". The four small crosses are symbolic of the four Gospels proclaimed to the four corners of the earth, beginning in Jerusalem;
The large cross symbolizes the person of Christ.

Embedded in the slate at the front of the center isle, 
one can see the image of a Jerusalem Cross. This has special meaning and tells of what may be hidden underneath... 

One of the most memorable objects in the old church was a very ornate cross. It was too damaged in the fire to be used in the new church. The cross was retrieved after the fire and given a home cast in the concrete of the new church, marked only by the slate above...
The Jerusalem Cross !

A second Jerusalem Cross can be found in one of the Upper Clerestory Windows of the new church. Visit our Stained Glass Window Tour for information and larger pictures of all of our stained glass at Trinity.