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Confidential or emergency
pastoral concerns?
Fr. Dave Canan
215-646-0416 Option #3
Questions about baptisms?
Episcopal FAQ
Fr. Dave Canan
215-646-0416 Option #3
Questions about church school? Kristin Woods
215-646-0416 Option #5
Questions about church finances
or contributions? Finance FAQ
Questions about Reimbursements and Checks
Rob Gergen or John Dziel
215-646-0416 Option #2
Would you like memorial flowers placed on the altar? We now use a sign-up sheet that is in the Narthex
Medical Questions ? Parish Nurse Jennifer Prater
pjprater @
Questions for the Music Director? Steve Schreiber
215-646-0416 Option #6
Questions about pastoral care? Fr. Dave Canan 215-646-0471
215-646-0416 Option #3
Questions about property issues? Ellen McCaffrey
Questions about Our Website? Webmaster - John Dziel
215-646-0416 Option #2
Questions about weddings? Fr. Dave at 215-646-0416
215-646-0416 Option #3
Questions about your
worship schedule?
Contact your Ministry Leader
listed on Schedule
Questions about
Mission & Outreach ?
Jane Saunders
Questions about Youth Ministry? Fr. Dave Canan 215-646-0471
215-646-0416 Option #3
Questions about
Memorial Pre-planning?
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The Staff of Trinity Church


The Rev. David A. Canan
215-646-0416 Opt #3
The Rev. Mary McCullough
Associate Rector
215-646-0416 Opt #4
Stephen Schreiber
Director of Music
215-646-0416 Opt #6
John Dziel
Financial & IT Administrator
215-646-0416 Opt #2
Karen Richter
Office Administrator
215-646-0416 Opt #1
Kristin Woods
215-646-0416 Opt #5
Kelly Moylan
Evelyn Carpenter
Altar Flowers

The Vestry of Trinity Church


Robin Chambers-Dixon
Rector's Warden
Human Resources
Dennis Reid Sr.
Accounting Warden
Finance Committee
Jill Marsceill
New Members
Martha Arnold
Planned Giving
Ben Powley
Worship and the Arts
Dan Citrone
Jocelyn Tenney
Clerk of the Vestry
Mary Deviso
Mission and Outreach
Bill Davis
Liz Wendt
Connie Stephens
Environmental Stewardship
Ellen McCaffrey