Mission Possible 2007 Day 2 (Page 1)

“Which was actually day 1 on the jobsite” Well managed to get up, get dressed, have breakfast and put most of our shoes on the correct feet. Once we left the friendly confines of our house, (which we just found out used to a bed and breakfast) which is already being planned to become Father Dave’s bed and Breakfast, Anne start packing! We left and went to the meeting jobsite which was only 5 blocks away. As you can see in the pictures, the area was hit very hard as there is little signs of recovery yet and a great many abandoned or boarded up houses. One of the more unusual things we saw, was that there were several houses that had brand new windows and no back walls. We were told later that this is because people in this area are doing the repairs on their own and can only do small parts at a time. Several of the house were damaged/ destroyed by fire and in the one picture with the pipe, that is a fire hydrant that was snapped of by the force of the water. We took a forced break early in the afternoon when the monsoon rolled in. It quickly went from hot and humid to rainy, hot and humid but then once the storm finally passed we changed into really really hot and humid. We broke up into 3 different crews at 3 different job sites within 4 blocks of each other. At one of the jobsites they are beginning to put up interior walls. All over the 2x4’s are written good tidings and well wishes for future homeowners, see pictures. Chances are the family that occupies that house will never know what is hidden behind the walls, but those of us that put the time in will always know. All is well, now as we finish writing this it is time to wake up the children and start work day #2 Take care and good morning.

Mike et.al

P.S. To know more about what we are doing check out Jericho Road website

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