Mission Possible 2007 Day 1 (Page 1)

Our day began for some of us at 4:30am. We all met and were greeted by the wonderful wizard sitting on his porch with his trusty cup of coffee. See picture. Once we were all there Dave proceeded to bless us using wine, and torilla, ole’ (couldn’t figure out how to add crawdads into the eucharist, we’ll work on it while we’re down here.) Traveled in mass to Philly airport, had breakfast, Dave showed us what he had for breakfast, see picture, and they still let us on the plane. Flew to New Orleans, landed and then found out not all our luggage came with us.( still working on that). Went to where we will be staying, located next to the Christ Church Cathedral. It is a beautiful building. The ladies are staying at a Lutheran Church with more pictures to follow. Had dinner, sent Ginny to Winn Dixie to which she bought 1 course at a time ( it is a new method of dieting) after dinner we planned our first day, sent Ginny back to Winn Dixie for lunch, played volleyball, Tom broke his van (the tire didn’t go flat, the other 3 just swelled right up, as we sit here typing this, the missing luggage is still missing and Andrew is clothes shopping. We are all well, healthy, and we have already started to see morbid reminders of how severe Katrina was (see pictures). We’ll send another shipment tomorrow night after our first day on the worksite. Take care and goodnight.

Mike, et al.

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