About Our Music Ministry 

The music program at Trinity Episcopal Church strives to glorify God through the most perfect and sincere music. Rooted in the rich Anglican tradition, yet expressed in a variety of sacred genres, music at Trinity is integral to how faith is expressed to God, both individually and as a collective worshiping family. Our thanks, wonder, and prayers are offered to God through hymns, psalms, canticles, anthems, and many other forms of sacred music. Whether through an anthem sung by the choir, a hymn offered by the entire congregation, or the presentation of an organ offertory, we discover the possibility to transform lives, heal wounds, inspire zeal, and bring us closer to Christ through music. 

We invite you to be part of this ministry at the center of life at Trinity. Whether through our adult choir, our instrumental ensembles, or as a participatory congregant during our services throughout the year, there is a space for every person to offer their praise and prayers to God through music. You are warmly invited to contact our Director of Music, Frank Van Atta, to learn more or to offer your gifts through the music ministry.